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Vietnam, Its History and Fascinating Facts

Vietnam, Its History and Fascinating Facts

You may wish to visit Vietnam today, but do you know it’s exciting facts behind this South East Asian Nation? This post will reveal what most people don’t know regarding Vietnam! ( More on: )

#1 Ho Chi Minh Is the Hero Name

Ho Chi Minh is a national hero. After many years of French occupation, the charismatic leader led the country to its independence in 1945. Ho Chi Minh died in 1969, throughout the Vietnam War. He had asked to be cremated and spread his ashes in several corners of the country. However, they made a decision to perpetuate him and exposed him to a mausoleum in Hanoi (which can be visited). They followed in the footsteps of the Russians, who also embalmed Lenin and shown him in Moscow.

#2 Almost Everyone Here Is Called Nguyen

Even Ho Chi Minh was called Nguyen when he was born! You will find that you’ll see this last name everywhere: the receptionists, the streets, and more. It is the fourth most common last name on earth apart from Lee, Wang, and Zhang (all Chinese).

#3 The Paradise (Or Hell) Of Motorcycles

In Vietnam, there are motorbikes everywhere. It is real chaos simply because they circulate according to the law of the fastest (or bravest) on the way. According to the Vietnam Ministry of Transportation of 2013, there are over 37 million registered motorcycles and only 2 million automobiles.
Possessing a vehicle in Vietnamis very expensive because you need to pay a very high tax and only the wealthy can afford it. The motorcycle tax is cheaper. Therefore, it is the transport most used by its inhabitants. Be very careful whenever crossing the streets, even on crosswalks!

#4 If You Like Coffee, You Will Like Vietnam

Vietnam is the second-largest coffee maker on earth after Brazil. Coffee was initially introduced in Vietnam by the French in the 19th century. Nevertheless, after the Vietnam War, production elevated substantially. In addition, do not leave the country without trying their common coffee with eggs. They are the kings of coffee!

#5 A quite narrow and S-shaped country

One of the most surprising curiosities of Vietnam is that at its best point, the country is hardly 40 kilometers wide. If you dare to perform a marathon, you can say that you have crossed Vietnam in a couple of hours!

#6 Vietnamese smoke cigarettes a lot

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 25% of Vietnamese smoke. That indicates one in four peopleis a cigarette smoker! Also in Vietnam, smoking is considered a male activity. So it is quite complicated to see a woman with a cigar.

#7. In Vietnam there are really strange drinks

Have you ever heard of the Mekong viagra? It is extremely popular in Vietnam. They present a dead snake into a bottle, then load it with rice wine and enable it ferment. They say this drink heals everything. Would you try it out? We did not care during the excursion to the Mekong Delta.

#8. Would you ever try to eat Tiet Canh?

A fairly well-known dish of Vietnamese dishes is the Tiet Canh. It is a kind of soup made from frozen duck blood. The reality is that it doesn’t look great.

#9. Although it is better to get acquainted with the Pho

During your trip to Vietnam you will have fedup with having Pho. You’ll find it almost everywhere! The Pho is a hot soup with rice noodles to which you can add veggies, veal, pork or chicken. It is really excellent!

#10. On the street they do absolutely everything

One of the curiosities of Vietnam that surprised us most is that they do absolutely almost everything on the road. We watched their customers cut their hair in comfy hairdressing chairs. Or maybe how many people cooked at ground level! As you can imagine, the floor wasn’t clean at all. For this reason, unfortunately, Vietnam is one of the nations with the most conditions of gastric cancer in the world.

#11. Vietnamese hate to be brown

We go insane to return back on vacation and the Vietnamese hate it. They believe that white skin evokes innocence and purity. They say the whiter the skin is, the more likely you are to find job or succeed in love. Many people want to get plastic surgery to whiten their skin. If you wish to open a profitable business in Vietnam, you can build a good sunscreen! In supermarkets you could find creams that assist you lighten up skin. We even found them publicized on airplanes! Undoubtedly, one of the very best curiosities of Vietnam.

#12. That’s why they like the conicalhatorN√≥nL√° !

The famous traditional Vietnamese hat is one of the ideal inventions of mankind. We purchased it as a souvenir to have a couple of photos and then we realized its great utility. It protects you from the sun, rain, you can keep things inside… It’s a pass! Now we understand why all girls wear it.

#13. Be careful when attempting to speak Vietnamese!

And lastly, to end this list of curiosities of Vietnam we did not wish to leave one related to their language. And it is that the Vietnamese is quite difficult. It has up to 6 various tones and the meaning of every word can vary in each tone. Depending on how you pronounce a word, it can suggest something else (totally different). So it is certainly one of the most difficult languages to learn on earth.


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